Friday, May 21, 2010


I just thought it was soo cute how Blondie fell asleep at the computer, other times I will find her sleeping sitting strait up on the couch....

OhMyMyMy messy child!!!

I don't know how hard it is to get chocolate in you mouth but
M&M makes it look pretty hard!!!!:)

This is one way to spend you saturday...

We got the whole family together for a bar-B-que and a slip 'n' slide. Everyone had tonz of fun doing flips on it (sorry i didn't get pictures of the flips). the kids were amazed that a slide that big could fit in the yard. I will remember that day, and so will the kids....

Comedy Sports!

It's the Hope of America!!

Ballroom Babe had the opportunity to be in the Hope of America program... She wore a white shirt and had a lot of fun learning the songs and dances! Since lady didn't get a chance to perform in a Hope of America program, we took her to see Ballroom Babe's show!


Soccer Girl gets to be the first kid in the fam to have braces...lucky her! She has been excited for awhile, but all the excitement went away once the pain came... She has to remind herself that she will get straight teeth so it is worth the pain!
After stressing about what colors to get... she decided on dark purple on top and light purple on bottom.

Blondie's 4th Birthday

"Mom, how many more days until my birthday?" This was the question I had heard more than once a day for around two weeks.
Finally, Blondie's birthday came.I had came home with the cake, Blondie took one look at it and said, "Oh, Mom, the cake is Be-U-tiful!"

Let's just say she was
pretty excited.